LET'S GET STARTED! HELLO! WANT TO SOURCE FROM TURKEY? We support you to source amazing products and achieve your cost, quality & delivery expectations LET'S GET STARTED! DO YOU WANT TO IMPORT FROM TURKEY? NAFIBAL is everything you need

Who We Are?

Nafibal Sourcing is a dedicated Istanbul local office that supports companies around the world to have production directly in Turkish factories

We help you to find suppliers, get competitive prices, manage your supply chain, follow up order, ensure quality and deliver products to your door

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Who Do We Work With?


We help to manage whole process and thousands of sku with providing one-stop or tailor made supply chain management service

Online Sellers

Managing a profitable online business is not easy. Why don’t you focus on sales & marketing and let us handle all process in Turkey?

Start up Companies

Do you need private label service for your start up brand? We can help you to turn your idea into a sucessful business!

Problems When Sourcing from Turkey Personally


Receiving defective products

Couldn’t find the right supplier, price or products

Delayed delivery

Cost time and money being in Turkey

Many hassels and operations

Language barrier

Export inability of some suppliers

Poor after sale service

How Can We Help?



Language Barrier

Could not Find Right Supplier

Defective Products

Late Delivery

High MOQ and Prices

Many Hassles and Operations


Supplier Audit and Verification

Turkish/English Support

Huge Supplier Network


Order Follow-up


Managing All Process

Our Services

Supply Chain Management

We can give A to Z service from product sketch to delivery and manage all process for you

Sourcing & Purchasing

We can help you to source or we purchase for you according to your demand. During all process you will have full access to suppliers

Supplier Verification

We can audit and verify if potential supplier is a real manufacturer or scammer. Thus we can save you to lost thousand of dollars!

Quality Inspection

We can provide AQL inspection, general check or 1-1 inspection service at any stage of the sourcing process


Do you want to order sample or bulk from several suppliers and ship together? We can help to combine and send with a single shipment


We can help to ship order to any countries from Turkey and even to your door!

Customized Packing

We can assist you to create stunning packaging with your logo, visual identity and turn your product into a brand!


We have  warehouses in major wholesale areas, so you don’t have to worry about where to put your products

Local Business Tour

Want to visit factory, wholesale market or trade fairs? We can plan your trip, accompany you and manage your order processes after the visit

Remote Shopping

Want to order from Turkey without coming? We can manage your multiple online orders or visit wholesale area to help you choose items with video call


Why We Are The Best Sourcing Agent in Turkey?


Tailor Made Solutions

10 Years Sourcing Experience

Huge Supplier Network

Istanbul Local

Satisfaction Guarantee